Shiny Pomade 3.4 oz. (96.39 g) -
Shiny Pomade 3.4 oz. (96.39 g)
Shiny Pomade 3.4 oz. (96.39 g) -
Shiny Pomade 3.4 oz. (96.39 g)

Try Our Water Based Pomade That Guarantees Natural Healthy Looking Hair Without Dealing With Flakiness & Irritation Ever Again. 

Guaranteed Natural Looking Hair

Reshapes Easily

Washes Out Easily

Medium To Firm Hold

No Flaking

No Irritation Of The Scalp

Made With Natural Ingredients

100% Results Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

FREE Healthy Hair Guide 

FREE Hair Styling Guide

Animal Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)

Are you a busy professional who’s looking for the ultimate pomade that creates natural healthy looking hair, reshapes easily, and holds exactly the way you want?

Then look no further and try out our Luxsive Shiny Pomade! Our pomade is made with a water based solution instead of an oil based solution like most competitors which causes flaking, irritation, and lack of hold.

And to make things even better, when you try out our Pomade today, you’ll also get a FREE Healthy Hair Guide, and a FREE Hair Style Guide to go along with your order. 

Try Us Risk-Free With Our Results Guarantee:

We’re so confident that our Pomade will keep you looking healthy & sharp all day long, that we guarantee it! If after trying 2 applications of our pomade, you don’t feel like you have your best looking hair, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund no questions asked. 

And You’ll Also Get TWO FREE Bonuses With Each Order.

The Ultimate Healthy Hair Guide

Get instant access step by step guide to follow to have healthy, natural looking hair. Inside this guide you’ll discover…

  • How often to wash your hair based on your specific hair length
  • How frequently to use shampoo & conditioner (most people get this completely backwards)
  • The best way to massage the scale while shampooing to get your hair to grow longer & stronger.
  • What chemicals to look out for in your hair products (these chemicals can damage your hair long term)
  • And so much more! 

The Ultimate Hair Styling Guide

You’ll also get instant access to our Ultimate Step By Step Hair Styling Guide. Inside the guide, you’ll learn

  • How much product to use in your hair for best results
  • How to properly apply product into your hair and distribute it evenly for a natural, healthy looking hair
  • Best temperature setting for when you’re using a blow dryer (if you get this wrong, you’ll ruin your hair)
  • How wet your hair needs to be before applying product (knowing this one thing can transform your hair and the results you get using product)
  • And so much more!

I was tired of going to the airport and having the TSA take away my styling product from my carry-on bag because of its large size. However, with Luxsive I DO NOT have that problem! Both the Pomade and Clay have a size of 3.4 oz. which is TSA approved.  

- Frank R.

After having my barber try the Luxsive Clay on my hair, I fell in love with the product. Additionally, with CO-VID I have been more aware of sanitation procedures and I really like how the Luxsive styling products have a spatula underneath the lid so that I can remove the product from the jar without contaminating the rest of the product. Good thinking!

Jason G.

I had been trying to find a pomade that didn't flake for a while and a friend recommend the Luxsive pomade. I can put it in the morning and later on in the day I can wet my hair and re-style it, comb it again and change my look without the flaky look. Great smell too!

Juan P.

I suffer from dry scalp, I read from the product description that the shampoo has tea-tree extract and is good for dry scalp (dandruff) and I decided to buy the product. Between the shampoo and conditioner, my dandruff has gone away. I can finally wear black shirts without stressing the flakes- my favorite!

Albert G.

I have a long beard and needed something that gave it shine and set the hair in place after combing it. I bought the Luxsive beard oil because of its size (3.38 oz.) and price ($20), that, the great smell and shine I get to my facial hair, is a win-win for me.

Robert M.

I hate shaving! I get irritation, razor bumps and razor burn so I decided to try the pre-shave oil as an extra layer of protection while shaving. I put the shaving cream on top of the oil and my razor glides through my face without the pulling and bleeding. After, my face is left smooth and irritation free. Who knew that preparing your face the right way can give you bump-free skin.

Joshua P.

My wife was complaining that my beard smelled bad so I started to research for products that would help with that. Prior to using the Luxsive beard wash, conditioner and beard oil, I was not using anything. Once I started using it, not only was my facial hair soft but my wife was happy that it was clean and smelling great. Try it to keep your lady happy!

Xavier P.

I was one that never used conditioner. I thought "I am a guy and the least products the better." I was wrong and my barber educated me about the matter. He explained how just using shampoo, you are stripping away the natural oils from the scalp and need to replace it with those of the conditioner. I use conditioner every time I wash my hair, I feel the difference. Thank you Sami for recommending Luxsive conditioner.

Chris D.

What I like from the Matte Clay is that it's not supper sticky like other products. It has a creamy consistency which allows me to distribute the product through my entire hair. Once it dries it leaves my hair with the right hold and matte look.

Michael O.

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